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Project Category: Windows & Doors

Special Projects

Something else! Sometimes we are asked to do something a bit different, so we try to accommodate wherever we can. Not everything is possible as we do not have a crane on our truck, but some of our special projects have been quite fun and a challenge to get to completion. If you need something […]

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Workshop Facilities

We have our own workshop facility based in Catral on an industrial estate. This occupies an area of nearly 300sqm. We have machines to drill, weld, cut, bend, clean and move, which are used in the fabrication and manufacture of our products. Transportation and installations are carried out with our own truck, which is based […]

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On-Site Repairs

We can undertake on site repairs to gates, grilles and other steelwork. We have a well equipped truck with mobile welding facilities and electrical generating equipment. We can fit new hinges to gates on site as well as making steelwork repairs.

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Door Grilles

We have made thousands of these over the years in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. Using box steel frames and profile material, we are experts in this area. All door grilles are fitted either with steel fixing lugs (10 per door) or concealed fixings through the frame itself. These are hidden from view. We […]

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Escape Window Grills

This type of window grille is ideal for a property with only limited access to outside spaces and where the need for an escape route in an emergency is required. This can be a single storey property with only one door towards the front of the building where the bedrooms are located at the back. […]

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Window Grills

This is where it all started, we have made thousands over the years! We usually fabricate and retro fit grilles to properties who have either had a recent extention or some new builds where the constructor has not fitted grilles to either all or part of the property. When we are required to make grilles […]

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Before & After

These are some of the jobs that we have undertaken in just one working day. These are usually in a situation where security to our clients property is paramount and cannot be left open. We usually arrive fairly early and don’t leave the property until the job is finished. In certain circumstances, where we may […]

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